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The area around Bilbao in northern Spain – also called the Bay of Biscay – offers fantastic surfing conditions from May to November. It offers numerous beach breaks suitable for beginners through to world-class surfing conditions like those offered around Mundaka where the World Surfing Championships were held. With such a choice, suitable surf spots can be found to suit all wind and wave conditions.

You can hire shortboards, funboards and longboards as well as fiberglass custom shortboards.

Surfboard hire rates :

Shortboards, Longboards :

20 Eur a day, 120 Eur a week

Price includes a wetsuit if you request it.

Some featured boards :


Surfboards Bilbao
Biscuit LTX 6'0          Funboard BIC 7'3 Longboard 9'0

Sopelana spot

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