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Our partner is located Tahiti's east coast, deliveries between Papenoo and Punaauia are for free.

Our partner offers a rental assortment of shortboards, funboards and Stand up paddle boards from the best brands.

Rental prices :

day  45 usd

week 250 usd

  There are basically two surf seasons in Tahiti. From October to March, the summer swells are from the north, which are the same swells that hit Hawaii - only smaller and 3-5 days later. This swell hits the 77 atolls of the Tuamotus. Some waves are hollow on the outside and become less heavy and have more of a wall as the wave wraps into the reef passes of the atolls. This allows less experienced surfers to take off further inside and the hardcore to take on the hollow barrels! From April to September, quality surf are generated from low pressure systems traveling from Antarctica to New Zealand and up to Tahiti. It's in Winter (May to August) that Tahiti gets it's best waves. The breaks along the south and southwest coasts are mainly reef breaks, and can be very powerful, hollow waves similar to Hawaii or the Mentawais! Despite being known as a big wave destination, Tahiti has waves to suit surfers of all varying levels of experience. The quality reef breaks on Moorea's north coast also produce great waves similar to the island of Tahiti, both islands are without beach breaks.  With boat access you have access to some unbelievable waves!


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