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Mulki, Southern Karnataka, India

Namaste. The sub-continent of India has 7,000 kilometers[4,349 miles] of coastline. The greater portion of that is still unexplored in terms of locating surf spots. But with that much exposure to the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal and with nothing off the southern tip of India for thousands, and thousands of kilometers except Antarctica-  you know there are going to be some great waves when the conditions are favorable.You're right, there are!

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Located  in the coastal village of Mulki, Southern Karnataka [30 kilometers north of Mangalore/Mungaluru] at the mouth of the Shambhavi River and the Arabian Sea, the area is close to many surf spots that work all year long.

Surfboards rentals prices :

  day week
surfboard, longboard 11 USD 70 USD
SUP universal 15 USD

90 USD

Minimum rental : 2 days.

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