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Ghana Busua Beach


Our partner is located at Busua Beach, one of the most beautiful and accessible beaches in Ghana. Busua Beach also happens to have some great surfing and no crowds! The shop sits on this mile-long beach within walking or paddling distance to beach of breaks varying size and difficulty, a right point break and a reef island break.

Surfing in Ghana means you can explore the many excellent surf spots, ranging from beginner and intermediate to expert, in the nearby villages of Dixcove, Akwidaa, Cape Three Points, Prince’s Town, Prince’s Town, and Mutrakni Point. All are within 12 miles of Busua and accessible by road or traveling up the coast in a modified traditional Ghanaian fishing boat.

Surf lessons

Once you’ve had a surfing lesson, you will find that surfing is a unique experience that is, at the same time, both peaceful and exhilarating. Nothing can match the rush of paddling for the perfect wave, jumping to your feet and riding a wall of pure energy. There is also something very Zen about in the water and waiting for your wave that is hard to equal on land. If you've never tried surfing you're going to love it!

Once suited up for your surf lesson, you'll join your instructor for an on-the-beach class that covers; safety, right-of-way and surf etiquette, surf break awareness, wave formation, paddling skills, how to push through waves, stand up techniques, stance, riding and more.

We personally guarantee that you’ll stand up and ride a wave on your first day or the lesson is free, that’s right FREE!

Then you hit the water of Ghana! Now's the time to put all you've learned into action. During your surf lesson your instructor gives you the signal to turn and start paddling. You pick up speed as the wave swells under your board and then you rise to your feet! You're cruising toward shore on a peeling wave and it feels like your whole body is smiling! What a rush! You paddle back out to the line-up, eager for more.

You'll have plenty of time to practice under the watchful eye of your instructor. We make sure you get lots of individual instruction and feedback. Follow-up surfing lessons are available at reduced rates.

Lesson + 1 hour rental: € 15 (rash guard included)
Lesson + daily rental: € 24 (rash guard included)
Lesson + weekly rental: € 74 (rash guard included)
Each Additional Lesson: € 12

Surfboard hire rates :

Shortboards and longboards:

15 Euros a day, 65 Euros a week

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