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Why rent a board ?

As surfers we love to travel the world,explore its seven seas and ride the best waves.

BUT taking your surfboard can be difficult and at times become a real nightmare.

I t starts with just getting to the airport then dealing with the check in - do they take boards and if so what are the surcharges ?, ( remember you have to deal with this as well on the return journey where the rules/staffing may be different).

Once you arrive at your destination you then hit the baggage claim and cross your fingers that your board took the same plane as you and that it has arrived in one piece !

Assuming it has you then have the hassle of getting you and your 2m board bag from the airport to your hotel .If you travel with a long board or SUP it just makes things even more of a challenge.

Travelling with a surfboard is a nightmare and expensive- but we do it because trying o find the right board to hire at your destination is time consuming and you have no confidence in the boards that may or may not be available.

We have created this website so you can reserve in advance your surfboard, longboard or SUP at your destination and know exactly what board you are renting, that it will be good quality and will probably cost you less than transporting your own board, let alone saving a load of the hassle !

Save Money : You dont have to restrict yourself to the airlines that carry boards so can book the cheapest ticket. is a free service which means you will not pay a higher price than if you go by yourself and in most cases it's even cheaper !!!!

Save your nerves : Avoid the problems of check in, baggage claim, negotiating with local taxis

Save Time : No need to find out if the airline takes surfboards, or finding a surfshop that rents decent boards when you arrive – often you end up with something shaped before you were born.

And no need to fix your board

Save the planet : Less boards in the plane, less gas consumed.

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